Welcome to the Mwangi Expanse. Located in southern Golarion, the expanse is hot, rainy, and full of ancient secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Your entry to this land of humid mystery began on the Sargavan merchant vessel, Jenivere. Her trade route ran the length of the coast all the way from Magnimar, Varisia in the north, to the Sargavan capital city of Eleder in the south.

Shortly after the Jenivere began her return journey north, you sat to dine with a mostly unremarkable group of passengers and crew. Your path skirted the waters just west of Desperation Bay. Little did you know, you would soon become familiar with the infamous mysteries contained nearby; the island of Smuggler’s Shiv.

Many days of sand, jungle, and strange evils are behind you now. The disused lighthouse which has been driving you forward with hope is within your grasp. Will you reach out and seize your escape, or will your souls be just a few more that belong to Smuggler’s Shiv…

Serpent's Skull

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