Serpent's Skull

Cannibal Camp Exploration

Exploration of the defeated cannibals' camp

As blood soaked the sand around the still-warm bodies, the group passed carefully through the cannibal camp.

A grisly pit of bones and dark magic lead to a clearing with a small, foul-smelling hut full of totems bearing dark, necromantic magic. Recognizing the magic as that of the witch, Shektyn rushed back to her body for a closer look. There he discovered a powerful dark magic woven in her robe, allowing her to call create undead servants with a flick of her fingers.

Shektyn and Narissa continued their pillage of the dark hut, finding useful supplies as well as dark talisman littered throughout. Meanwhile, determined that this evil must be destroyed, Sven set about ensuring it was purged…by fire. Shouting to the others that they should leave immediately, he sparked a flame at the corner of the hut. The fire caught and began a slow smouldering climb upward, rousting the angry pair still exploring inside.


Thlayli Thlayli

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