Serpent's Skull

Discoveries Abound at the Cannibal Camp

An elderly cannibal and his wards are discovered, and lead to an historic discovery.

After climbing back out of the dark caves below, Narissa, Shektyn, Sorsha and Sven discover their weakened cleric to be awake and with a story to tell. While those four had explored the cavern below, Ninti and Ishirou were privy to a lightning storm of incredible proportion, seeming to center on the south-east part of the island. She also had noticed the rumbling under her feet, which faded as quickly as it had begun.

Sorsha, tired of waiting, marched toward the lighthouse, determined to do what she can to fix it and get off this island for good. The rest of the group quickly followed. As they approached the lighthouse curtain, they sense movement inside. Narissa quietly moves in to check, and is shocked when an elderly blind man senses her entry, and invites her in. Looking fully around, she can see the room has 5 children of varying ages, most with some kind of physical deformity. Sven, ever impatient, storms up to the room when Narissa attempts quiet signaling. The party follows.

When prompted, the blind man tells them his name is Marrok, and that he had been expecting them. He was told many years ago by his goddess, the “Pallid Princess” that to serve her, he was to board the Thrune’s Fang, and his fate was to be bound to its journey. She told him that he would remain alive, so he could guide those that would one day come to wipe out the temple of her long-time rival and end their conflict for good.

While Ninti discussed details with Marrok, Narissa successfully keeps Sven from slaying several of the cannibal children, which he had determined to be abominations to nature. At Marrok’s direction, the party descends once again into the dark caves below, minus one ranger who was focused only on the repair of the lighthouse.

This time, they explored deeper into the underground cave, learning that the cavern opens into a long-abandoned man-made structure. Upon entry, the group was attacked by two hungry lacedons, which they dispatched with ease.

On further investigation, they discovered the structure to be an ancient Serpentfolk temple. The carvings on the walls depict heinous acts by serpentine humanoids. A pile of bones resembling a large snake graces the south wall. Pillars line the long room, shaped as large coiled snakes.

The north end of the room holds an alcove, and a door which is slightly ajar. The door was covered in ash, burns and the residue of magic, but Shektyn was unable to trace it’s signature. The room beyond contained the most detailed serpent freizes. They depict the serpantfolk working many types of dark magic, including drawing ships toward shore to crash into the rocks.

Most interesting is an area that was recently wiped clean and appears to be anointed in blood. Shrine spell etchings
Additionally, the group was able to reveal the fate of the betrayer Captain Kovack, as his death’s confession scrawled in blood was found inside of his soiled armor.
Captains note

Continuing into the cave, they discovered more lacedons that shriek and flee at their presence. One room holds a single line of text written in an ancient language that Narissa was able to muddle through. “All Hail to Great Ydersius” it reads, and Ninti recalled what she could about the ancient Serpantfolk diety to the group.

The party came to a shallow cave filled with tide waters and a hole in the ceiling across the room leads into another chamber above. This could only be where the fleeing lacedons have run to. Narissa scaled a rope into the higher chamber, but sensed they are waiting just above, and instead of climbing through, lobned a Thunderstone into the room preceding her entry and climbed back down.

Now, they plan their attack on the hideous undead creatures. Soon, the monstrosities will be relieved of their misery, and hopefully their treasure…


Today was…oh, I feel so bad. We lost 3 of our group to the horrible Pallid Princess. :( I will avenge your deaths!! Oh, the sorrow. Sven, he always kept things lively. Narissa, who will Sorsha signal to now? And our beloved Shektyn Stormfeather, independent, resourceful, practical. Your deaths will not be in vain my fellow travelers. Ninti Brisby

Thlayli Thlayli

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