Part of the original crew of the Jenivere, Narissa was defeated at the hands of the Mother


Human Rogue, level 3


Narissa was mostly quiet but always fond of her share of the gold. Always in step with the ranger, Sorsha, they would run point for the group. Keeping a watchful eye out for danger in every corner. She would not scoff at hard work ahead, as long as the pay day promised to be equal in measure.

In a telling gesture, she deftly intervened as Sven prepared to put several cannibal children to the blade, preferring to assume they may be innocent until otherwise proven evil. She fought valiantly beside her companions from the ship, braving the hard journey across Smuggler’s Shiv with an eye toward the future, where she could sell her various treasures to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, she would not live to see those riches come to fruition, but by her shared sacrifice, a great evil was ended.


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