Shektyn was a Tengu with powerful magical potential boiling in his blood and driving him onward.


Tengu Skyborne Sorcerer, Level 3


Shektyn was a bird whose focus on magic drove him to the far ends of Golarion, where he met his fate on the Island of Smuggler’s Shiv. No who saw Shektyn control the winds with a flick of a feathered claw could doubt his power. When he found himself shipwrecked with, to his view, some rather unsavory characters, he joined them in exploration.

Despite the brash advances of the constantly flatulent dwarf, Shektyn grew to tolerate, even like some of his island companions. He had little patience for foolishness, but would never turn down the opportunity to unleash magic to help his allies.

Intrigued by the mysteries of the island, he followed them down to the cavern that would ultimately be his demise. The winds which had buffered and protected him could not reach him down below, in the dark caverns of the Mother. He fought to the last, back to back with his allies in the dark caves. His light may be out, but the winds will carry his name to his kin, and his legend will live on.


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