Sven was a dwarven fighter, part of the original crash of the Jenivere, defeated at the hands of the Mother.

Dwarf Fighter, level 3

Sven was a simple dwarf. He liked things or he didn’t. He liked ale, and fighting….and Tengu. He really, really liked Tengu. He didn’t like snotty teenagers, or lice in his pants. Surviving the crash of the Jenivere on the little island of Smuggler’s Shiv was just another challenge to be overcome by the end of his hammer, in Sven’s eyes.

Always fearless in the eyes of danger, he was always the first to run into battle. He was also the first to throw himself into the unknown, whether that be a copse of trees with unknown movement, or a cave shaft 60-feet deep. His companions can attest to his bravery, and sometimes foolishness, in the rush of battle.

As he lay bleeding in what would be his grave, his words were still light, dismissive, as if fate were merely a minor nuisance. No worry graced his scarred face even as he stared down his doom. Sturdy to the last, he ran at evil with hammer in hand, and his sacrifice to stomp out the evil in that dark cavern will not be forgotten.


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